Skype and Telecounseling

We Offer Skype And TeleCounseling Services In Addition To In Person Therapy

While most people choose in-person therapy, telephone/Skype counselling is available to individuals, anywhere within Canada.

This is often a preferred choice for those in remote locations or when anxiety or physical concerns make it difficult, if not impossible to leave the home to attend a counselling appointment.

Please note that we are not able to provide telephone counselling for individuals who are currently experiencing suicidal thoughts or who are actively self-harming.

Regular counselling rates apply for phone/Skype counselling and must be prepaid online prior to your appointment time.

If you are interested in telephone /Skype counselling, please contact us to book a complementary 15-minute telephone consultation to determine suitability for telephone/ Skype counselling.

Support is here.

Call (416) 254 -0252 in Toronto, or or (905) 944-8989 in Markham, or send us an email.

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