Mental Health Workshops on Bullying, Parenting, Trauma & More

IN counselling and Psychotherapy services offers a variety of mental health workshops and seminars to address a number of issues, such as bullying, trauma, parenting, stress and anxiety etc.

Workplace Workshops

We tailor the workshop to suit your organization’s needs. The length of workshop seminars also varies in terms of duration from simple lunch and learns to day long trainings.  Speak to us today so that we can create a custom program for your audience.

Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental health is a significant business issue which requires attention in order to increase employee productivity. Mental illness affects everyone, as one in five people will experience a mental illness directly.

Workplaces are heavily impacted by mental health issues according to the 2011 report, Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Perspectives of Canadian Workers and Front-Line Managers. Forty-four (44) per cent of the employees surveyed reported they were either currently (12 per cent) or had previously (32 per cent) personally experienced a mental health issue.

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, in any given year, one in five Canadians will experience a mental health problem or illness. This approximates nearly a quarter of the country’s working population and often leads to absenteeism, “presenteeism” (coming to work but being unproductive) and high turnover rates.

IN counselling and psychotherapy services seeks to create customized workshops to address specific issues identified by employers, such as:

  • stress management workshops
  • conflict resolution workshops
  • anxiety / depression workshops

Community Workshops & Seminars

Workshops / seminars are also offered to various community agencies that serve at risk populations such as youth, children in government care etc. We seek to support staff in carrying out the duties associated with their role in a manner that is conducive for all parties involved. We train frontline workers to deliver trauma informed service and to cope with compassion fatigue. IN counselling and psychotherapy services also offers groups and workshops to provide skills to at risk populations accessing community agencies with the intent of building skills and strategies necessary for community integration. We are committed to building better lives and better communities.

In The School Workshops

Early intervention in schools is also offered with the intent of decreasing poor academic performance and challenges associated with psychosocial adjustment. Previous research has shown that early intervention can enhance health outcomes, increase cognitive skills, boost school achievement and grade level attained and lower rates of delinquency and juvenile crime. IN counselling and psychotherapy services offers workshops and seminars not only for children and youth attending schools but for faculty and staff who work directly with the student body. We help promote trauma informed environments, increasing staff understanding of mental health and help them detect signs in the early stages as to ensure quicker response to intervention.

Public Workshops

We also offer a variety of groups and workshops per calendar month for the general public to access. These address and target a variety of issues from stress management to parenting.

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